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MazelPost is a digital invitation platform for uniquely jewish events.
From Bilingual Hebrew-English fonts, to artwork of Jerusalem and shivat HaMinim (The Seven Species), to l’chaim and bat mitzvah and Upsherin invitations, we’ve tailored the invitation and RSVP process to best serve a simcha.
We try to keep things as simple as we can. There are four stages to our process for creating your digital invitation. First, choose your design. Add your own text - Hebrew, English, or both! - and customize the fonts. Once that’s done, set the technical details of your event - date, time, and location. Next, add your guest list with names and emails. After that, you’re ready to stamp and send! Just like you would with a physical invitation, we charge by “digital stamp” - according to the number of email addresses you send your invitation to. That’s it! Now you can start tracking RSVPs for your event.
Step 1: customize Invitation
Which parts of the design are customizable?
You’ll be able to insert your own text into the design and customize the font and font size. For most designs, you’ll also be able to choose from several preset color schemes. The color schemes dictate the font color, invitation colors, background color, and envelope color, which are not individually customizable. 
How do I know which fonts to use for Hebrew text?
The fonts we offer all support both Hebrew and English. This is important to us, so that our designs can work seamlessly for uniquely Jewish events, whether you need full Hebrew for your invitation, or just a word or two. 
Step 2: add Event Details
I put my event details On the invitation, why do I need to enter them again?
The event details you enter in Step 2 are for scheduling purposes - these details will be the ones your guests will be able to save to their Google Calendar. After all, it’s only a party if your guests know where and when it is! 
Can I use the hebrew date?
You can! In fact, the date you’ll be choosing to schedule will be on the Gregorian calendar, but we automatically calculate the date according to the Hebrew Lunar calendar as well. This will appear right below the Gregorian date in the event details.
Step 3: your Guest List
can I upload a spreadsheet?
Yep! You can upload a CSV spreadsheet of your guest list, which should including three columns only - name (written exactly as it should appear on the addressed digital envelope), email address, and head count.
What is a head count?
This refers to the number of people you’re inviting under an email address. If you’re emailing Mr. & Mrs. Cohen at, inviting them and their 2 children to attend, their head count is 4. When guests RSVP, they’ll be able confirm or change their head count, to tell you how many people will actually be able to make it.
Can I text my guests instead of email?
Yes! You can enter an email address, or cell number (for Whatsapp) for each guest entry. You can have some guests invited by email, and some by Whatsapp - whichever is most convenient for you.
Step 4: Stamp & Send
What is the Cost?
Just like when you send real mail, you pay for the stamps, one per envelope. On MazelPost, you pay for “digital stamps” - one stamp per email address. This is not the same calculation as the head count - the Cohen family, with a head count of 4, would be counted as one digital stamp, as the four of them are being invited under one email address.
When do I pay?
You’re charged when you send invitations, for the number of invitations sent in that batch. After designing your invitation, scheduling the event, and adding your guest list, your invitation will be ready to go and we’ll calculate the cost according to the number of email addresses you’ve listed. Proceed to checkout, and once your payment is processed, the invitation will be sent to your guest list.
What if I forgot to add some guests?
Oy, you don’t want to forget to invite Bubby’s second cousin! You can add guests, even after you’ve already begun to collect RSVPs. Again, we charge per digital stamp, so you’ll be charged before sending the additional invitations. To avoid too many teeny tiny charges, it’s best to batch guest additions together if you can.
How do I delete my account?
We’re sorry to see you go. Head to your account page by clicking your name in the upper right corner of the site. Click on the tab labeled “Account Settings.” Select the menu button {the three dots on the right corner of that tab}, and then click “Delete Account.” Confirm only if you’re very sure you want to delete your account - once deleted, your account and the events you’ve created within it will not be able to be recovered.

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